Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Open Stage nights at the Front Room: Performances without the pressure

As a musician, I know how stressful and nerve racking playing in front of a large crowd can be. The pressured environment can even take the joy out of the music if you are not an experienced performer.

The Front Room in Baker Center; however, offers a unique opportunity to perform in a relaxed space with its Open Stage nights, every Friday from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. This personal acoustic environment allows musicians to show off their talents to a small audience while they enjoy a cup of coffee and chat.

Last Friday I had the chance to listen to three musicians, all varying on level of experience, genre and style at the Front Room. Athens community member Bruce Dalzell played the guitar with a bluegrass, folk sound. Dalzell explained that he does not remember what first inspired him to get involved with music, but he remembers he’s been playing since his childhood.

Monica Torres, an OU student, took the stage by informing the audience that she does not play in public very often but that she enjoys playing by herself in her room. Torres’s soft voice and quiet guitar entertained the audience with songs like “Take My Breath Away.”

After attending the Open Stage night last Friday, I recommend any musician wishing to earn experience in front of small crowds to sign up to perform. Even if you do not play an instrument, going to check out the talent that OU has to offer is a calming, chill experience.

The Front Room offers entertainment without a strict line-up and talent level; making the entire experience very soothing. Performances at the Front Room are just another way that music inhabits the Athens community.



  1. That sounds like an excellent idea for a date. My girlfriend and I have exhausted all of the cliche dates after 20 months together, so we're always looking for new ideas.

    And I do love that coffee shop, a very nice, relaxed atmosphere (except during midterm or finals week) and great coffee.

  2. Regardless of how much I have performed, I still get nervous every single time. I'm so glad the Front Room offers an outlet that is completely inviting and non-threatening for aspiring artists, or those who simply love to play music even if it's just for themselves. I definitely think you should play there before you graduate! You are undoubtedly good enough!