Sunday, February 28, 2010

Live music venues in and around Ohio

The Athens music scene is always very lively; however, local acts make up the majority of performances. Not to far from Athens, you can find performances by non-local artists at nearby live music venues. Looking to get out of Athens and see your favorite artist perform? Check out these different places to find where you can attend your next concert. The map below pinpoints the major concert halls in and around the Ohio area. Each offers different types of performances to please a variety of music tastes. Some are farther than others, providing different types of trips out of Athens depending on what you are looking for.

View Live music venues in and around Ohio in a larger map


Song of the Week: “The Adventure”: Angels and Airwaves (Will be performing at Lifestyles Communities Pavilion April 22, 2010)


  1. This was an interesting post Jenna! I will definitely have to check out some of these venues!! I liked how you shaded the map as well.

  2. Thanks G, I hope to visit more of the venues too as soon as I can.